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Kansas City Web Development

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Do You Have a Pre-Existing System?

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I just need a mobile/ web/ service app built.

No, I Don't Have a Pre-Existing System

Let’s assess your IT infrastructure.

Do You Have a Existing IT Infrastructure?

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I Don't Have an Existing IT Infrastructure

How We Manage Web Development Projects

Weekly Status Reports

Paint your vision
Lay out business problem
Discuss what you want to achieve
Voice concerns about project
Identify possible risks
Determine milestones to indicate progress

Errors Fixed for Free, Forever

You deserve to be confident that your software works and that your software development company isn’t going to charge you for correcting mistakes.

Regularly Realign Expectations

Four Pillars. One Mission

Our mission is to cultivate strong, successful partnerships. We believe the Four Pillars are the foundation for any successful software project and any partnership.


Open, honest, frequent. That’s how communication with your software development company should be.


You deserve software developers that stick to commitments and don’t charge you to correct errors they make.

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